The importance of using a case on your phone

Our phones are dear to us as they have become an integral part of our life. We can’t imagine our lives without our phone near us. It became the best companion during pandemic as it was the most vital and useful equipment in taking away our boredom and stress. So protecting your phone became even more important during these times.

Apple, Samsung and Google have boasted of their phone’s strength and durability for quite sometime now. However, the fact of the matter is that these phones are still delicate enough to get damaged even from the smallest of drops. Keeping phones in the pocket or purse are prone to scratches on its front and back. Given how expensive these phones (and their repairs) have become, it ‘s a no-brainer to protect it with a case.


We at Exoticase have many types of cases for iPhone 6 and 13 Pro Max and everything in between.

  1. Maximum protection shockproof case: This case provides all around protection to your phone, meaning your iPhone won’t get damaged easily even in harshest of circumstances. If you drop your iPhone more frequently and are worried about its safety, this case is perfect for you.
Fonally maximum protection shockproof iPhone 12 Pro Max case
Exoticase’s max protection shockproof iPhone case

Multifunctional case: This gorgeous plated case is an epitome of elegance in the world of iPhone cases. Not only it looks sophisticated, it also has a practical ring that can act as a holder or a stand. Since the ring is magnetic, it can be attached to a magnetic holder in your car.

Fonally Plated Mutlifunctional iPhone 12 Pro Max Mini case with ring
Exoticase’s Multifunctional Plated iPhone Case with ring

MagSafe wireless charging case: Apple launched a MagSafe case that lets stay your iPhone stay upright while its charging wirelessly. We at Exoticase have designed a similar case that looks equally, if not more, beautiful at a fraction of a price.

Fonally Magsafe iPhone 12 pro max mini case
Exoticase’s Wireless Charging MagSafe Case

Cases with card holders: If you carry just cards and some cash then this case could help you leave your wallet or purse at home. Made with PU leather material, it keeps your cards and cash nicely tucked in.

Fonally Card holder iPhone case
Exoticase’s iPhone case with card holder

Minimalist case: If you fancy a frameless and minimal design while still keeping your iPhone protected then look no further than our Minimalist case.

Fonally Minimalist iPhone case
Exoticase Minimalist iPhone case

Wallet cases: We also have a beautiful collection of wallet cases that help you keep both your valuables (cards and money) in one place. These cases have a little extra room to keep small things like coins, lipstick, lip balm or even a small hand sanitizer that may come handy anytime in the day.

Fonally’s Wallet Case
Exoticase’s Wallet case with zipper

Lanyard: More often than not, people drop their phone in situations and places they never expect. A phone lanyard is a new way to protect your precious iPhone from dropping and protecting it against cracks. When you have a phone attached to a lanyard, there is no possibility of dropping your phone.

The lanyard is made of cotton and is attached securely to a clear case. Just slip in your phone into the case and wear the lanyard on your neck or cross shoulder. It not only protects your phone but also make you look cool!

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