Inside AND Outside Screen Protectors for Motorola Razr+


Take care of your Motorola Razr+ on the inside AND the outside. Your Motorola Razr+ screens will hardly look like it has screen protection in place, while still giving you ultimate satisfaction both in terms of safety and aesthetics. 

 For Motorola Razr+ (aka Razr 40 Ultra outside USA)
✔ Comes in a set of 2: 1 hydrogel protector for inside screen and 1 hydrogel protector for the outside screen
✔ 99% transparent and 0.1 mm thin, conforms to the folds and creases of your phone's screen
 Shatter-proof, scratch-resistant and water-resistant
✔ Maintains original clarity
✔ Fingerprint and oil resistant.

NOTE: Once you apply and want to remove the inside screen protector, PLEASE be careful as to NOT try to remove and damage the original plastic screen from the OEM. 

✔ FREE SHIPPING USA: 7 - 14 Days via USPS (tracked)
✔ FREE SHIPPING INTERNATIONAL: 7 - 14 Days (tracked)
 30 Day Money Back Guarantee
 Excellent Customer Support

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