New kid in the town? Google 7 and 7 Pro

Google 7 and 7 Pro launched with a much fanfare. Hailed as the camera king, the Pixel 7 and 7 Pro both improve on last years 6 models. The new Google Pixel phones have the similar camera strip at the back, albeit a bit more pronounced and curved to the sides. The design, at least from the back, is certainly unique that stand outs amongst the plethora of Android phones. The bright 6.7 inch QHD+ AMOLED display is gorgeous to look at and with 120 hz refresh rate, it makes everything look very smooth.

The Tensor chipset gets a sequel and the new Tensor 2 is more than capable, and specially optimized, to handle heavy usage. Paired with a 5000 mAh battery, these new phones will easily get you through the day without a worry. If, however, you are in need of a quick boost, Pixel 7 and 7 Pro come with fast charging and wireless charging capabilities.

With its ever impressive camera, the new models now come with 50 MP camera with 5x telephoto zoom and 30x Super Res Zoom. The Night Sight also sees an improvement, allowing you to never miss the action in low light scenarios. The video has massively improved over its predecessors with excellent stabilization.

Pixel 7 and 7 Pro now comes with Android 13 with focus on improving apps, making the devices faster, improving multitasking and addition of new features that makes your life easier.

Overall, Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro are a winner for Google. It's got excellent camera, super fluid display, addition of practical features and apps, excellent gaming capability, fast charging and the best of the lot - a great value for money.